You are a VALUED bloomsz CUSTOMER and deserve only the best. From the very first steps you take in product selection through placement of the product on the sales floor, bloomsz will be there with you to help ensure your success.

    1. You consistently want the best quality

We promise it to you

bloomsz’ goal, to supply only the best in quality, is achieved through the use of new flowerbulb x-Ray machines, internal Quality Control, and a grower’s appraisal twice a year. “Holland Selection,” which can be found on all our flowerbulb packaging, ensures that if something is not quite right, this independent foundation will compensate the consumer. Through “Track and Trace,” bloomsz will be alerted to any dilemmas to avoid future mishaps. We will learn today for a better product tomorrow.

    1. You want an assortment that is most appropriate for you

We offer it to you

Because the flowerbulb market is always changing, what worked yesterday may not work today. bloomsz brings you what your customer wants by offering a surprising and unique assortment of today’s most popular varieties and colors. Through our network of the best and most innovative growers and suppliers, we are always able to deliver the best. We GUARANTEE it!

    1. You want reliable delivery with swift and timely supply

We offer A to Z optimum efficiency

Software optimizes everything from flowerbulb ordering through delivery. From the time your order is placed, the system steers the production steps and guarantees a timely delivery

Shipments are individually scanned and our forwarding software permits us to deliver either to your store or to your central distribution center. bloomsz flowerbulb suppliers are certified through C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)  and The Initiative to Protect the Homeland, thus speeding container shipments through the harbor. We take care of all ocean freight  and inland shipping if appropriate and deal with customs, duties, etc. so that you don’t have to.

    1. Your consumers change annually

We will change with them

The consumer is an ever-moving target, and bloomsz prides itself in being ahead of the curve in trends and strategies. We are proactive and always on the lookout for what is coming next. Thus we bring you the latest in product assortments in time for you to reap the benefits.

    1. Retailers want to differentiate and be distinctive

We will support you

We at bloomsz are dedicated to the flowerbulb business and are experts in our field. We are attentive to and knowledgeable about the offerings of your competitors and can best advise you as to how to compete against targeted concepts.

    1. The concept of one size does not fit all

Together, we will choose the concept most suitable for your store

The notion that “one size fits all” does not always produce the desired results. That’s why at bloomsz our associates are experienced with new packaging concepts and in-store presentations that gain the attention of your customers and as a result increase your sales.  You can choose from a variety of standard packaging and assortments or we will custom produce a design tailored to your stores and your specific needs.

    1. A good product sells itself

Good communications sell even more

As experienced industry veterans who know what works and what doesn’t, bloomsz associates will provide you and your personnel with what you need to be successful. Customized communications about our program and a special Web site with additional information, tips, tricks, and action points all help to maximize sales.  Promotional product POP support and appropriate pack sizes encourage customers to make a purchase.

    1. Your care of the product is important to us

Therefore, we gladly give you a hand

A neat, attractive and inviting in-store presentation is important because it helps represent what you stand for. bloomsz will work tirelessly to provide supporting input that will help you maintain the space to boost the effect on your sales and profit margins.

That’s why at bloomsz our associate are experienced with new packaging concepts and in-store presentations designed to gain the attention of your customers and result in increased sales.