The Three P’s

The bloomsz company is built upon the pillars of People, Planet, and Profit.


Employees and customers must be recognized and considered as individuals, recognizing their dignity and merit, providing a sense of security and a great work/play environment. We embrace diversity, are co-responsible to the community in which we live and work, and support good works, and education. We are responsible to our core customers to ensure they are enthusiastic about and successful with our products as well as to the healthy development of our industry to which we will make an active and positive contribution for the people who will follow us.


Most retailers stand for being green progressive. SO DO WE. bloomsz is concerned about any carbon footprint we might leave for our children and our children’s children. Environmental issues are understood. Therefore, we must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use and protect the environment and natural resources. We will strive to minimize our CO2 impact upon society by optimizing our processes and making use of environmentally friendly packaging and services. Much work is being done in this area by bloomsz vendor partners, with the objective to establish the impact of any carbon footprint affiliated with various flowerbulbs from the grower all the way to the retailer. As a result, we will be able to point out to the retailer and the consumer which varieties we are able to deliver CO2 neutral.


We must strive to maintain reasonable costs in order to maintain reasonable retail prices within the reach of our core customer. Primary is our responsibility to our stakeholders, which are many, recognizing that profitability and fiscal responsibility are essential to the long term success of the company. A sound profit must be made to support the evaluation of new business applications, experimentation of new concepts, purchasing new equipment, securing facilities to support growth, and the creation of reserves for challenging times.


Finally, we adhere to a four-way test on any decision that we make:

A – Is it the truth?

B – Is it fair to all concerned?

C – Will it build good will and solid, meaningful relationships?

D – Will it be beneficial to all concerned?