Core Strengths

bloomsz focuses on five core strengths required to win in the gardening products industry.



Consumer Understanding

We are making a commitment to market research. We will attempt to interact with many gardeners each year throughout North America in an attempt to gain in-depth consumer understanding. This results in insights that tell us where the opportunities for innovation lie and how to serve and communicate with the people that use our products.


Sales growth comes from new brands and new or improved product innovation. We will continually strengthen innovation capability and pipeline by investing more in proportion than our major competitors. In addition, we multiply our internal innovation capability with a network of innovation partners outside bloomsz. Many innovations will include at least one major component from an external partner.


We seek to build the bloomsz brand by maintaining high standards, strong internal controls and always putting the end user first. By providing increased value to the ultimate consumer, everything else will fall into place.

Go-To-Market Capabilities

We are established industry leaders with the clearest company strategy, strong business fundamentals, and quality, competitive and innovative marketing programs.


It is our goal to establish significant scale advantages over the competition in individual categories and retail channels. bloomsz scale advantage is driven as much by knowledge-sharing and best practices as it is by size and scope.