To educate the consumer there are a multitude of options and many things to choose from.

To start, we try to make our presentation as informative as possible without overdoing it and cluttering up the packaging. There is a fine balance between giving too much and risking scaring the consumer off, or giving too little and leaving them wondering what to do.

We also ‘message’ the consumer with our display rack POP, backboards and shelf ‘talkers’ to steer them in the right direction. Our program is designed to help them make the right choice for themselves.

Besides this, we also can make available small and very large outdoor banners to announce that ‘It’s time to plant’ or that ‘Bulbs are here,’ which can be hung on any outdoor structure.

We can even set up a private label Web site for your customers to go to in case they seek more help, and want to know more about the bloomsz products you retail.