One does not obtain results with just good flowerbulbs, low prices and perfect logistics. Packaging, in-store presentation, and supporting sales materials such as stand alone center aisle displays are just as important and must be in tune with current trends, consumer wishes, and seasonal opportunities.

bloomsz associates are industry veterans well versed in developing new programs. Most importantly, they know the purchase drivers that gain the attention of your target groups and, as a result, if applied will increase your sales.

Did you know that the key purchase drivers among ‘enlightened’ gardeners are at the same time weaknesses among ‘intimidated’ gardeners? That it is not just about price but also about benefits? To grow the North American market, it is our job to communicate with the consumer, to de-mystify the activity of planting bulbs, to show how to optimize gardening space and to have blooms throughout spring and summer, as well as to promote a heap of new ideas for planting areas.

Your bloomsz representative can give you the ‘fast facts’ from recent studies on how POS solutions can help drive impulse purchases.