The apple blossom amaryllis bulbs were a gift from my son , three years ago and my amryllis bulbs bloom every single year beautifully.

Home Depot Buyer Beautiful flowers in just weeks of planting and my order arrived in days. People driving by stop to admire my garden.I ordered 1 dozen apple blossom, the pink/white. One dozen red lion and 1 dozen assorted amyrillas.

Home Depot Buyer Soon as I opened the box I smell the lemon leaves. The tree was packed very nice. I can't wait until my first lemons. This will be a natural air fresher in the winter months,

Home Depot Buyer I purchased a Meyers Lemon Tree from Home Depot a few years ago. I have been blessed with the most amazing fragrance when this tree is in bloom. I have grown several lemons on this tree. I use a Q-tip to pollinate it when the blooms are open. I live in Zone 4 and I keep this tree inside all winter and when the temp gets warm, out the tree goes on my patio for the summer. I have received so much joy growing this Awesome tree.

Home Depot Buyer Within two weeks of planting it in the water, a bunch of the green leaves grew and are floating in the pond. I bought it in early May and live in Miami, don't know if the weather might have something to do with it too.

Amazon Buyer The BEST packaging I have ever seen!!!

Amazon Buyer the plant is vigorous, looks exactly as pictured and was in great shape when it arrived. it was well packaged.

Amazon Buyer It arrived on very soon after I placed my order and was ALREADY growing inside the very well packed package! The package it arrived in can also be used for winter storage for the plant. I am VERY impressed with this seller and I will definitely buy from Bloomsz again in the future

Amazon Buyer Wow!!! Haven't ever bought plants online before and was SO surprised how great/creative the packaging was....very well planned! Very happy with my water Lilly's......