You want to offer your customers the very best… Just Like us

As a retailer you try to offer your customers the very best. bloomsz products offer a good price/quality equation, and thus more added value compared to the competition.

bloomsz‘ job will be to deliver an exact job, quality and inspiration.

Our goal is to deliver the right products to you, at the right time, with the necessary support, service, and ample capacity to take advantage of exceptional seasonal opportunities. Our products do not only temporarily ‘color’ your sales floor three or four times a year. They also make for excellent promotional items and create store traffic. Of course, and particularly when compared to other related products, bloomsz’ products provide a healthy return on investment.

One size does not fit all; therefore, we offer you Good, Better and Best Quality programs at price points and packagings in keeping with your retail concept. Perhaps you want to offer the ‘best of the best’ and the largest bulbs only, or seek a more balanced assortment which appeals to a wider audience at ‘key’ and proven retail price points. Most of our programs are custom made and geared to a particular retailer, or you can choose from our own standard bloomsz products supported by the Holland Selection quality hallmark.