Each year bloomsz associates travel internationally to find new sources for bulbs, plants and roots, as well as for materials to help us obtain a critical advantage. Often we find just what we were looking for; but sometimes we simply stumble upon the next best thing. Often these items are within our category and make for a natural extension to our present line-up; but sometimes it’s just a great idea that deserves some representation and product is related to the lawn and garden category.

Eco-Smart Soil TM

Using natural coconut coir as a planting medium

Coconuts are grown for their delicious fruit. However, the shells are cast aside, which leaves piles and piles of them unused. Because coconuts grow annually, they are a renewable resource. On the other hand, peat moss beds take about a thousand years to form; this makes them, for all practical purposes, a non-renewable resource. Coconut coir, produced CO2 neutral, is a natural organic planting medium  that produces strong and healthy plants.

What makes natural coconut coir such a perfect solution for urban living is that it is compressed many times its natural size, making the product more people friendly. No more dragging around big heavy bags of dirt which tear easily and mess up your car and/or storage area. Natural coconut coir is an excellent alternative to soil for metropolitan stores and city shoppers.

By adding 12 to 13 cups of water to an individually packaged block of coir in the provided large plastic bag, the contents will expand within minutes to eight to ten times its orignal size.

We branded it: ECO-SMART SOIL

Available in different sizes

Professional growers have been using this product for years.

We want to make it available to the public at large.

Advantages of Eco-Smart Soil:

  • Natural and environmentally friendly
  • No more dragging about heavy, dirty soil bags
  • Break coir block into parts and only use what you need
  • Excellent water retention
  • Cheaper than most professional indoor planting soils
  • Store in a small space
  • Clean, simple and neat