Often we are asked by our customers to produce either a proprietary or private label program geared to the retailer’s specific needs, allowing for perfect integration into the store’s concept, quality demands, and price point theory.

With that comes a display that is most appropriate, meeting not only the need of merchandisers but also those of store operations departments which often have different objectives. Throughout this site you will see varying displays, concepts and labels created specifically for a retailer.

We also have available an extensive ‘standard’ bloomsz line up.

Sometimes a store’s retail offering differentiators are only its price points, leaving the customer to wonder why X package is at X price and why another package is at a slightly different retail price. To increase flowerbulb sales we have to help, educate and steer the customer in the right direction and to de-mystify the activity of planting flowerbulbs. It’s not just about price; we have to explain the benefits of gardening with bulbs in general and of choosing one variety over another.

Despite the saying, one size does not fit all; therefore, we offer you GOOD, BETTER and BEST Quality bloomsz brand products and programs which allow the flexibility to pick and choose to create a program uniquely yours. It is our job to help you with that.