As more and more homeowners incorporate aquatic features into their landscape designs, retailers realize the importance of providing these customers with the products they desire. bloomsz’ water plants fulfill today’s water gardener’s needs by providing both colorful and beneficial aquatic plants in a unique water plant program.

Water lilies provide color and often a delightful fragrance, while marginal and bog plants help to blend the pond with the surrounding landscape. Bog and marginal plants provide shade, help to control algae growth, shelter fish, and help keep the water clean-looking. They also add natural beauty, are pleasing to the eye, and are commonly used to hide pond infrastructure.

bloomsz’ water plant program features 12 unique, easy-to-grow plants that will provide all water gardeners with what they need for a perfect water garden. Our water plants come shipped in plastic containers to help extend shelf life with labels containing planting instructions for each variety.

Bog and marginal plants come in special drop-and-grow net bags, each containing the rhizome and planting fiber. The net bag is simply removed from the plastic bag, then placed/planted at the water’s edge and covered with the pond’s soil. Water lilies come with rocks in the net bag to help sink it to the bottom of the pond. Water lilies are dripped into the pond wherever the water gardener wants them to grow.

Like all our products they are Guaranteed to Grow.

The program can be shipped in regular, standard craft shipping cartons or on high-impulse-purchase, free-standing metal display racks which will pop in the store.