bloomsz Classic Pre-finished Caladiums

Some bulbs, plants and roots require either warmer temperatures and/or a lot of heat to get started. This, in essence, shortens the season for consumers to enjoy items such as Caladiums in the Northern states. Sure, full-grown plants can be propagated elsewhere and be trucked in from down south. However, this is expensive. Why not supply the consumer with a starter plant which can be planted in the garden right away, increasing the time of consumer enjoyment by 8 weeks. Saving money and time results in a more satisfied consumer.

Advantages of Plant Starters™

  • No more waiting for up to ten weeks for bulbs to root and grow
  • Full-grown plants in 10-21 days
  • Money-saving and less expensive than full grown plants

Available this spring – Pre-finished Caladiums

  • Six Inch Pots – fancy and strap leaf varieties
  • Four and a quarter Inch Pots – fancy and strap leaf varieties

Choice of the varieties listed below:

  • White Varieties: Candidum Senior, White Christmas, Candidum, Moonlight and Aaron
  • Red Varieties: Frieda Hemple, Postman Joyner, Red Flash and John Peed
  • Pink Varieties: Kathleen, Pink Beauty, Carolynn Whorton, Rose Glow, and Summer Rose
  • Strap Varieties: Red Ruffles, Red Frill, Sweetheart, Pink Gem, Miss Muffet, Gingerland and a selection of white straps

Shipped on a Store Ready Display – No assembly required

Supply Limited and requires pre-ordering