Edibles are red hot, and so are our Patio Citrus, Olive, Fig, Kumquat and Blueberry plants. They are fun to sell, fun to grow and great to eat. They are fast growing and can thrive in a planter for years.

As in some parts of the country they cannot be felt outside year around, they can be used as patio and deck plants in the summer and moved indoors for overwintering in the colder climates.

These beautiful unique and very rewarding plants come shipped grown and planted in a decorative container.  The planter color is complimentary to the color of the individual plant, for example the lemon ships in a lemon yellow planter and the orange in an orange planter, etc.

Each plant is individually labeled per US regulation with registration number, variety and lot.

Plants can come shipped in craft shipping cartons, or on our metal high impulse display racks.  Your choice.

For 2015 we will be introducing and testing a larger version of the program to determine consumer acceptance for a larger tree in a larger container.

In the future we anticipate shipping them in bloom and /or with fruit.