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Growing Instructions

  • Dahlias can be started indoors in individual pots with damp peat moss and vermiculite. Care must be taken in transplanting them outdoors.
  • Plant dahlias outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.
  • Choose a sunny site with well-drained, sandy soil.
  • Dig soil to a depth of 12″. Amend soil with peat moss or compost.
  • Replace about half the soil, then place tubers flat and cover with remaining soil.
  • Space tubers 12-36″ apart depending on variety.
  • Water after planting and not again until shoots appear.
  • As plants grow, increase watering. Fertilize sparingly.
  • Pinch and disbud dahlias for later and larger flowers.
  • Buds tend to grow in threes; two-sided ones should carefully be pinched to develop the central bloom. This is especially important with border
    or pot plant dahlias.
  • If the plants are not pinched back, they will not retain their low, compact size and will need staked
  • In areas with winter freeze, carefully dig the tubers in fall after the first frost kills the foliage.
  • Cut the stalk approximately 3″ above the tuber.
  • Allow tubers to dry thoroughly. Pack them carefully in dry sand, peat
    moss, or sawdust and store in a cool (40-45°F) dry place. Leave 1″ of stalk attached to each tuber which must have an eye or bud to bloom.