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Growing Instructions

  • Also known as Hemerocallis
  • Plant in fertile, well drained loam in full sun to light shade.
  • Daylilies will grow in most soil types with adequate drainage.
  • Space 24-36″ apart.
  • One of the easiest perennials to grow.
  • Fertilize lightly in spring when plant begins to grow.
  • Water deeply once a week in hot weather.
  • Deadhead daily to keep the plant looking neat.
  • Divide in spring or fall when clumps become overcrowded, usually in 3-4 years.
  • There are hundreds of varieties of daylilies that grow in a range of colors (except blue and pure white), forms and sizes. By choosing at least several that bloom at different times, and with different colors
    and heights, you can have a colorful garden from late spring to fall.
  • Grows 12-48″ tall.
  • Blooms June to fall, depending on variety.
  • Hardy in zones 3-9.