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  • A dense spike of fragrant florets surrounded by green sword-like foliage that should be planted along walkways to maximize your enjoyment. Mixture of hyacinths that produce 8-10 inch tall spikes in an array of colors. Hyacinths are known for a rich fragrant and goes well in a garden with other tulips or daffodils




  • These Lilies have a beautiful fragrance and showy white flowers that make this perfect for both the gardens and cut summer bouquets.

    Huge, trumpet-shaped blooms are an white with double petals and are pollen free.

    Perfect for borders and naturalizing gorgeous, perfumed bouquets are an additional benefit. Not to mention loads of visiting butterflies.

    Grows 24-36″ tall

    Blooms Mid Summer

    Hardy in Zones 3-8

  • Perfect early bloomer collection includes beautiful in purple. This collection contains the following varieties Hyacinth Fondant(3), Muscari Armeiacum(27), Tulip Purple Prince(5)

    Winter stretches on for months in many areas of the country, and a touch of color is very appreciated when spring finally arrives.

    Perfect for borders and naturalizing—gorgeous, perfumed bouquets are an additional benefit. Not to mention loads of visiting butterflies.

    Grows 3-12″ tall

    Blooms Early to Mid Spring

    Hardy in Zones 3-8


  • Fill the empty spots in your garden beds and borders with our Double Late Tulip Mix. Large, double-petaled blooms up to 4″ across when fully open resemble old-fashioned peonies. Showy and unusual, this colorful mix may include flowers of red, white, burgundy, pink, or yellow. Also great in rock gardens or when added to containers, they extend the joy of the spring flower season. Clip a few and bring them inside; tied together with raffia they're impressive additions above the fireplace and as centerpieces on a table.

    Easy to grow. Carefree. Strong, sturdy stems. Excellent cut flower.

    Grow 16-18″ tall.

    Bloom late spring.

    Hardy in Zones 3-8

    Planting tip: For a more natural look, plant tulips in clusters rather than in straight lines. Remember that tulips do not like excessive moisture and should not be planted where they are watered by irrigation systems.

  • Looking for a shade-loving plant to brighten a shady area in the garden? Hostas fits the bill perfectly. This Hosta assortment of popular varieties provides plenty of texture and color, yet needs little care. Mildly fragrant purple or white trumpet-shaped flowers are carried on graceful panicles that rise above the attractive foliage. In mid-summer tall spikes bearing fragrant bell-shaped lavender flowers appear amid the mounds of foliage. Easy to care for and grow, they rarely need dividing. Try them as the center plant for a distinctive touch in a container on a shaded or north-facing patio or deck. No matter where they’re planted, Hostas will be pleasing to the eye.

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