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    Whether planted in beds and borders, around shrubs or beneath deciduous trees, Ice Follies Daffodils will bloom consistently from year to year. Large, shimmering white outer petals surround a funnel-shaped, frilly yellow inner cup that fades to creamy white as the flowers mature. Each stem bears a single 4″ flower emerging amid long, rich green strap-shaped foliage.

    Be ready for compliments when they’re used as focal points in cut flower arrangements. Amazingly easy to grow. Carefree and naturalizing. Excellent cut flower. Deer, rabbit, and drought resistant.

    Grow 16-18″ tall.

    Bloom mid-spring.

    Hardy in Zones 3-9

    Planting tip: For a more natural look, plant daffodils in clusters rather than in straight lines. To achieve a naturalized look, they can also be planted in the lawn. Toss handfuls of bulbs onto the desired area of the lawn and plant them where they fall. Just don’t mow the lawn until the leaves of the daffodils have died down.

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    Looking for a shade-loving plant to brighten a shady area in the garden? Hostas fits the bill perfectly. This Hosta assortment of popular varieties provides plenty of texture and color, yet needs little care. Mildly fragrant purple or white trumpet-shaped flowers are carried on graceful panicles that rise above the attractive foliage. In mid-summer tall spikes bearing fragrant bell-shaped lavender flowers appear amid the mounds of foliage. Easy to care for and grow, they rarely need dividing. Try them as the center plant for a distinctive touch in a container on a shaded or north-facing patio or deck. No matter where they’re planted, Hostas will be pleasing to the eye.

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    It’s all in the name; this blend will shine bright and the flowers shape resembles a peony. Beautiful blend of purple and yellow Double Late tulips.

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    15-20 blooms cover each stem of this daffodil.  Creates a stunning display in containers and borders

    • Makes a great cut flower
    • Deer Resistant
    • Grow 10-12″ tall
    • Blooms early to mid spring
    • Hardy in Zones 3-8
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    Prized by gardeners and florists for their classic shapes and large blooms, Single Late Tulips extend the tulip season at least 2 weeks beyond that of the Darwin and Triumph varieties. From the darkest of the dark to the purest white and even some bi-color varieties, you'll be dazzled by the display these late bloomers provide in the garden. Bring them indoors and intersperse them in cut flower arrangements for an eye-catching look, or cluster them together for a spectacular display.
    Easy to grow. Carefree. Strong, sturdy stems. Excellent cut flower.

    Grow 24″ tall.

    Bloom late spring.

    Hardy in Zones 2-8

    Planting tip: For a more natural look, plant tulips in clusters rather than in straight lines. Remember that tulips do not like excessive moisture and should not be planted where they are watered by irrigation systems.

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